Saturday, June 19, 2010

mine former[anime]

yeah my new word from my teachers former and the latter...what that word mean...ok student turn to pages whatever coz it dont have in the text book...hehehehe....actually the word former is use to change the word first while the word latter is also known as the second one.....understand it student....student: yes!!!!!!teacher.... im playing the get new news to share with ur guys....hehehehe....what will u think when the thing ur something that u wanna get it hardly in front of ur eye.....hehehehe...what the stupid question is it....opkos we will take it without know who the happen to me last night...mean in my dreaming that in front of me is my i cannot tell what is it but for all information it was a person....grab what i trying to say...yes the person that i really want was near to the other manga be continued

ego melody